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September 17, 2018







Hi all! I just wanted to check in an update everyone on what I've been up to and kind of dive into future bits and policies as the holiday season begins to approach.


First of all, I can't believe Summer is practically over. It really does feel like it goes by much quicker as the years go on. With that being said, the holidays are on their way and flu season is just about in full swing. As for future appointments, please prebook with me or as my online system allows, just to make sure your appts. are secured! I cannot express how huge this is. I will not be able to stay past 7-8pm any longer, in the evenings, so I will not be able to accommodate any appointments beyond that time. Please make arrangements for any future appointments you make :). I get caught up in being such a 'YES' person and I don't want to let any client of mine down, so it's extremely hard to say no. However, I have to remember that I too, have a life outside of work and I no longer want to be working myself much later than I should. Going forward, I will take my last color client of the day no later than 4:30-5pm. (Which is what most salons do!)


Second, breaking up is hard to do. Over the last two years, I have poured my heart and soul into becoming a color and extension specialist. I have always wanted to be able to specialize in one or two things and leave the rest to others who also decide to specialize in what they desire. Going further, I will no longer be doing haircuts only. If you have a color or extension appointment, that is the only time I will be doing a trim or haircut. Because I specialize in color and extensions specifically, haircuts on their own do not make sense on my schedule any longer. If you currently have a future haircut only scheduled with me, I will absolutely honor that and will gladly still do the appointment for you of course. For those clients of mine who are typically a haircut only, I will without a doubt extend color and extension services to you in which a cut is included if that's something you'd like to do. For those who don't color your hair, I can recommend a few people I trust who specialize in the art of hair cutting, in which they prioritize that service above others.


None of my decisions are by any means personal, it is all business. I appreciate every one of you understanding. I think it's an amazing thing that in this industry, we can break down areas that we are able to specialize in (like doctors do!) and be able to create and give our full attention to without other distractions carrying us away from the very thing someone may be coming to us for.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! I am an open book and as I mentioned, my clients who are haircuts only, if you would like a suggestion on another stylist, I can send you their way. I will only recommend the best- I promise.


Thank you so much, you are all certainly the best!






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Updates + New Info!

September 17, 2018

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