What's a session stylist?!

February 19, 2018

Good evening clients & friends! 


I hope everyone is enjoying this BEAUTIFUL Ohio February weather! I know I am- my windows are definitely open today : ).


Spring is almost here which means we are preparing for it, probably in every way! Whether it's cleaning, book vacations, shopping for new clothes or thinking about.. new hair! (of course) Wink. Wink.


I just wanted to touch base on a few things going forward. If you have never heard of a 'Session Stylist', you may have no idea what it is. Or maybe you have heard of it but aren't really clear on what it means. I am simply that, a session stylist. Basically what this means, is that it will take more than one time (80% of the time) to achieve your hair color goals. Back when cap highlighting went bye bye and foil highlighting became the new rave, it was still simple. Even back in 2005, not many people were toning blonde or any color for that matter. Glazing or glossing the hair wasn't heard of, and definitely having the rooted look was NOT wanted. I'm sure we can all remember when the foil HAD to be at the scalp or we'd gasp! ha. ; )


BUT really! This is a very good example of why stylists NEED to be constantly educated over the years after our initial license is received. It's a HUGE deal. Hair color is nothing now, what it used to be. At all. Because Pinterest, instagram and facebook, among many other social networks is so huge now, it has created this rif between stylist and client when it comes to being realistic with any expectations met. It's not rocket science (at least it shouldn't be) that if we stick to the basics and remind clients that you cannot go from black to platinum in one sitting and if you are going dark from really blonde... it's going to dramatically fade.. both scenarios require sessions. You have to trust your stylist with the integrity of your hair and the ultimate outcome.


If anyone has gone to a stylist who has been promising you can go from black to platinum in one session is either not licensed or does not care about the integrity of your hair. I've seen bad things happen, it's not fun for the stylist (even though she brings in on herself) or the client. Even if it takes longer to make a specific look happen both you and your hair will be so much happier.


I would say on average so goals such as described above (depending on starting point of hair and end goal) it takes about 2-4 sessions. Going forward, if you are not an existing client of mine I will have a form for clients to acknowledge that I am indeed a session stylists & results vary. This is to ensure that both me and you are on the same page : )


I love what I do! I am so passionate, so I want to make sure you gals are just as happy as I am with the result.


If you are looking to start getting session ready for Spring I do suggest beginning mid February into Mid March.


Thank you so much <3


Xoxo, Natty











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