Blonde Maintenance.

August 28, 2017



Whew! I had a hiatus there for a moment. The good news is... I am back :). Summer always takes me by surprise and I end up being slow at the beginning of it and towards the end, things turn back into full swing and then it's hard for me to keep up (lol). 


I want to talk about fall trends in a blog post soon to come, but today I want to touch on blonde maintenance. This is something almost all of us stylists forget to mention (I am guilty of it, myself). We get so excited to do blonde hair! Statistically speaking, about 85% of my clients are blonde and that number is probably relative with plenty of other stylists. Nearly every 2-3 clients ask for blonde. It's because dimension rules our world. Let's face it... any color looks good with even the slightest bit of depth to it, creating warm or cool tones to bring it to life so the hair color has shine and doesn't look too flat. Not only that, it compliments our skin tones and the way we dress even better!


With that said...


I will just say it. It does *NOT* matter whether or not you have red/dark blonde, super light, icy blonde in your hair... it will always fade. When you lift the hair for it to become to any light state, we then deposit what is called a toner on the hair. Toner does a few things. It can counteract unwanted tones in the hair (like yellows, golds, oranges, even reds) or it can do the exact opposite- it can deposit all of those warm tones if someone does not want cool tones. It's pretty neat. Toners are the holy grail for ALL shades of blonde. It can be used to deepen or brighten, etc. Nine times out of ten, if you see someone with beautiful highlights, they have been toned. For every single blonde client I have, I probably only have two clients a year I don't tone... And that's the truth. I almost always tone. It blends any foil lines, it color melts balayages to diffuse the base and highlight beautifully. It's simply amazing. 


The most common question I have when a client is sitting in my chair, is..."why does it look so yellow? It's only been 6-8 weeks". 


This is where the maintenance card comes in. You don't have to have to be platinum all over to come back for a touch-up sooner. About 6-8 weeks after your appointment, if you feel like you don't have enough regrowth to get an actual highlight touch-up, what you're seeing is what I call the "dingy" or dullness of the blonde that's already there. 


The best way to explain this, is simply the fact that over the course of a month and a half your hair is exposed to mother nature, so outside pollutants, the sun, etc., can have a huge effect on your hair, as well as shampoos, conditioners, well/hard water, all of the above. So over that time, your blonde loses it's pretty tone because of allof those factors. Think of a white T-shirt. When you first get it, it's clean and perfectly white. Over time, even if you don't get dirt all over it or spills, it becomes duller after the washer sees it a few times, you sweat, etc. Same exact thing for blonde hair. 


What I recommend:


If you are someone who prefers to have minimal regrowth, after your initial appointment, I suggest prebooking 6-8 weeks out to get a highlight touch up and re-tone, every time.


If you don't want to get your highlights touched up as often, every 6-8 weeks, come back for a re-tone. It freshens up your blonde and softens the base ever so slightly and helps keep your blonde in check until you're ready to get a highlight touch up. 


Often, toners are less cost in between services if you want to just freshen up, and they usually include a style. That can't be beat! 


If you go blonde, expect some sort of maintenance.


If you have any questions about blonde, don't hesitate to ask, I am always here. Don't be shy and just email me! :)






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