Let's have a 'blonde' moment!

February 6, 2017



If there's anything I'd say I have a niche for, it would be blondes. I consider it my specialty, if you will. Way back when I went through my platinum hair phase and my hair just HAD to be pure whiteness, that's when I began perfecting my blonde skills.


If you don't already know, not all blondes are created equal. As much as I love sharing my work and my trials, triumphs, and the perfect blonde creations, I want to let everyone know that where I begin when taking someone to what I call 'their' blonde, is completely different from the next client coming in to get to their blonde as well. Everyone's hair has different starting points, color built up over time...even a different natural level to start with. If you want to keep the integrity of your hair, depending on where you start when you sit in my chair, it will normally take *sessions* to get there. In a fluke event, it might just very well be the first time, but it's sincerely unlikely. 


I assure you that you cannot get the blonde you want with any kind of box color. (same goes with brunettes, red, etc). We all know that our blondies can be incredibly particular. There are the ladies who want that beige, buttery or perfectly golden hue, however.. there are the beauties that prefer icy, ashy and perhaps super COOL blonde tones. All of which can only be achieved by mixing several different formulations to come up with YOUR perfect blonde. A good colorist will generally not tone your hair with one color- they will mix to create your own unique shade that no one else will ever have. And who doesn't want that?


With that being said... guess what? Spring is around the corner. Before it gets into full swing and you're wanting that perfect blonde shade, which may take more than one or two times, now is the time to book an appointment! Start early, so once summer is officially here... there are no worries ;)! 


All of these pictures are work done by me, each with a different starting point and one was even a three time color correction. When it comes to blonde, patience is key and I can guarantee the process will be worth it. 





Different formulations and techniques were used on each person. As they say, 'results vary' ;) !


Book your future appointment and have the prettiest blonde locks possible, come Summer time!


Xoxo, Natty 


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