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December 17, 2016

Hi Ya'll!


I just want to give everyone quick update and talk about a few things. These past couple of months have been wild and busy to say the least. With winter being in full swing, I have been booked up to 4-5 weeks out! 


With being booked so far out and a few of you having some questions, I figured I would address all of that :).


I would say I am typically fully booked at this point about a week to a week and a half out, because November and December the holidays roll around, everyone books so quickly to secure their spot. The best advice I can give all my clients is to pre-book for your next appointment before you leave, or let me know/book online as soon as you know what day and time may work best. I know that not everyone knows their schedule to a T 6-10 weeks out, but it helps to reserve your spot and your aren't scrambling to figure out where you can get in. Also, I do try my very best to fit all of my clients in and I have even been picking up extra days to do so. I have to remind myself to make sure I have atleast two days off a week, I will continue to stretch my days/times as needed through January to ensure everyone can make it in when possible. After January, I will stick to my 5 day week. 


I want to take this time to educate clients. This is all for you. Education is just as important to all of you, as it is to me as a stylist and it is my duty to educate you. Of course you have been probably told a million things if you have seen a few different stylists in your lifetime. We do all have our opinions when it comes to styles, products and what we have found works for us and others through trial and error as we go along. But then there are the pure facts that every stylist should know and be telling their clients. There are three huge educational factors you need to know. 


I'm sure you may have heard all of them, then you were told differently at some point. But I assure you, these are indeed FACTS :).


1.) I have had my highlighted, then went dark for the fall. Why is it fading already?


When you go back dark over hair that has been highlighted, it takes awhile for the dark color to really grab onto the blonde. When you have blonde on your hair, the cuticle is open and it takes awhile for it to close, and until it really starts to close, the dark color will fade slightly each time. It generally takes a few times for it to really start grabbing. Why is the cuticle open when my hair is blonde? Well, when bleach/lightener is applied to get the desired lightness, it opens the cuticle and strips the color out. When there is no color on the hair strand, it's hard for color to stick. It takes awhile. 


2.) I wanted the grey/silver look, now that I have it, why does that fade too?


Like going back dark, any sort of color/toner that has to be applied to achieve this look, it will fade no matter what because the hair is so light it struggles to stay on the hair. Having blonde hair or any sort of toner to create a specific look like this is a true investment. Whether it comes down to making sure the roots are always touched up often enough or knowing that a toner is required at least every 4 weeks to touch up the desired look and shade. There is no way around this. Making sure you are using the correct shampoo & conditioner, as well as not washing your hair every day will help tremendously.


3.) I have dark color and/or box color on my hair and I've been coloring it for quite some time, I want to be super duper blonde today, you can make that happen, right?


No. You see celebrities with black hair and then step out the next day with platinum. This is why we think we can do this. What most people don't realize is that doing just that can take minimally 10-12 hours, when done correctly, and sometimes two sessions within a couple days and... a lot of money. In a 12 hour work day, a stylist can make $1,000 in that time, or more. Unless you are willing and able to pay that kind of money for the stylist to do only your hair, then have at it. Most of us simply can't do that. Also, there are other factors to consider- the condition of hair, what level of color your are currently at, how long it has been since you last colored it, etc. Not all hair is created equally. In a nutshell, going really light requires 2-4, may be even more sessions to get there without compromising the health and integrity of your hair. It is so important. I cannot stress it enough. 


These are the top three pieces of education that are the most important for clients to know. It's also important to know that when a stylist says 'yes I can get you there in two hours!'... rethink it. Unless you want hair on the floor and left in the sink or eventually broken off locks, don't do it. It's not worth it :).


I take pride in the fact that I make sure each client is taken care of properly and I pay full attention. I also do not double book clients and I do free consultations. Please utilize the free consultation when needed! I will tell you everything that needs to be done and how long it may take to achieve the look you are wanting.  


I truly have the best clients- wouldn't trade you for the world! 


I will be back to post a little more often after the holidays. I am having my wisdom teeth taken out on the 19th and then I am fully booked through Christmas- I will see you soon!


Have a very merry Christmas!




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