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October 10, 2016

Hey all, it's been a little bit! I've been slightly off radar because not only is business good, I have been running around going to educational seminars, hair shows, and interviewing with some amazing people. I wanted to touch on a subject most people are unaware of. When I first started doing hair, I was told by some clients and others, 'you charge too much', or 'you're prices are too high'. And I will be honest- for a very long time, it got to me and for awhile, I dropped my service prices, or I would give them away for free at times! It took me quite some time to take a step back and think, wow, I am not only giving away free and cheap services, I am giving away from myself. I had a revelation as I thought about this, and bosses don't just take away your pay. Most people are guaranteed a specific rate and they are paid exactly that. Company's typically pay based on expertise, level of expertise, years in the industry you've worked, and EDUCATION! That's when it hit me.


What most stylist's don't tell their clients or try to tell them, in a 'round about' way, is that although this is our 'job', it is also a career... and an art and business that some stylists struggle to pull through along the way. It's a tough industry. We pay thousands to go to school full time to get our license to be able to create and make people feel amazing. There is a science to all of it. Aside from creating alone or becoming a robot behind the chair, we are required credit hours every two years to maintain our license we had to pay thousands for to begin with. 


Occasionally, as in any business or industry, you will not have those who aren't inspired and  don't want to grow within themselves or in a business aspect- and those are the ones who don't have higher prices. Because why pay for more when you aren't getting more? Having your hair done, on any level, should be an experience like no other. For me, it is not about getting my client in and out the door as fast as possible, this isn't factory work. It's about spending time, creating art, giving quality service, and making you feel great! 


I want people to know that not only are you paying for just a service and time, you are paying for my expert knowledge, my willingness to learn and grow not only for myself, but for you! Not to mention, the trends and the forever changing aspect of the fashion and beauty aspect. It's the most evolved industry that never stops. So as stylists, we shouldn't either :).


I've been to so many shows it's what helps keep my passion alive. One of my favorite shows is the Premiere Orlando Show in Florida. There is nothing that compares to the Orlando show- I meet so many amazing people and learn so much.


This past weekend, I attended the Beauty Classic Show here in Columbus. I learned a lot of new and amazing techniques and trends. I wanted to share with you a few pictures from the main stage/runway. 








It was a great show and experience & I can't wait to show you guys all the good new stuff. That's why I love what I do! I also would like to put out there, that as stylists it it also our job to educate our clients on our education! Because I do feel that those who are not in this industry know much about it- there's so much to know.



I am so excited that Autumn is in the air. The crisp cool days are officially here and so is fall hair! I wanted to share with you (my favorites of course :), some before and after pictures of the fall hair I have done within the past week. Nothing tops transforming hair and putting life back into it.





 I am currently booked about two weeks out, so I urge clients to pre-book before they leave my studio if at all possible. I know that not everyone knows their schedule that far out at times, but it's better make a future appointment if you have an idea and then reschedule if you need to when it gets closer to that time. It helps to reserve your spot so you are not frantic trying to get in for me to do your hair! : )


In one of my favorite classes yesterday, the speaker said, 'I don't know about you guys, but if I walk into the salon to get the day started and don't have my red lipstick on- I'm not ready just yet!' *laughs* that is me to a T! 


So here is my favorite outfit from last week. Star Wars & red lipstick... because graphic tees never go out of style and lipstick ALWAYS pulls the look together. (that' for another entry though, of course). 


If you know me, you know I don't go anywhere without lipstick on. Anywhere. 



Happy Monday everyone... I wouldn't be here without all of you!


Xoxo, Natty

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