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September 19, 2016



Hey friends :)


I wanted to take a moment to talk about the importance of trusting your stylist and the process that comes along with an end result. Sometimes the process is minor and it takes but 2-1/2 hours (which is average for a cut/color/style), but other times... it can essentially be a 'color correction' or if the end goal is much more drastic, it can take between 5-8 hours and sometimes sessions broken up into days.


My client this weekend didn't have anything 'crazy' on her hair. And by crazy... I mean, she didn't have box color on her hair or any dark colors layered on and built up. Her natural level at her root was a dark blonde/light brown (level 6/7 for those who do hair), her midstrands were really blonde, ends were a little 'muddy' and between her root and midstrand area, she had some darker bands as well. It looks and sounds crazier than what it was, however, my point is... she could've had much more going on with her hair and this 'simple' (or not so simple process) took 6 hours on the dot. 


If we had cut her hair, it would've been minimally a 7 hour process. I want everyone to know to just put your trust in your stylist and within the process. I don't like to share color forumlas that I use, but I do believe it is our duty to help maintain the integrity and condition of your hair as well. I used the Brazlian bond builder in my clients color formula, to make sure it didn't compromise the condition of her hair. 




What is the brazilian bond builder? It's very much like Olaplex (I'm sure most of you have heard of it- and I use both products). When your hair is colored, in order for the color to happen, the bonds in your hair are broken down to achieve this. Bond builders that are put into any color formula or lightening process, help to restore those broken bonds by multiplying them. Therefore, leaving your hair in the best condition possible. Some say it's like, 'insurance for your hair'. It's simply amazing. Every stylist should be using a bond builder in my opinion. It's not cheap though, and a service such as this I am showing you, is also not cheap. Without a haircut, it was $300, with a haircut it would have been $350. 


Great usually comes with a price- but it's worth it. Your hair is worth it. Not only does that price come with good condition and health, but it also has shine, depth, dimension, and hello- you wear it every day! 


I always say a woman needs three things. Lipstick, a pair of heels, and great hair. Those three things fix EVERYTHING! :)



Treat yourself to beautiful hair. It's something every woman should do. <3


I absolutely love what I do. It's my passion and I put my heart into every single detail. You will not be disappointed.



Happy Monday, Happy week!


Xoxo, Natty

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