What is a 'balaymelt'?

July 25, 2016

Just a little informational bit on the newest trend in the beauty industry. We've seen it all from cap highlighting to foil highlighting. When I started beauty school 11 years ago, I think I used the cap once (big mistake, lol), but at the time is was ALL about foil highlight straight to the scalp. If there was any root or what I prefer to call, regrowth, showing- it wasn't 'done' right. No one wanted to see regrowth, and some still don't- that's totally fine! 


Insert ombre, which started becoming a huge ordeal about 4 years ago. An ombre essentially is not showing any signs of disappearing or slowing down within the base (regrowth of hair) to midstrand and ends. It's a little more dramatic than it's sister, the sombre, which is a much softer look. 


While the ombre/sombre is still trending, then comes in the balayage and colormelt. Colormelt is sort of another fancy word for sombre. It's a base color melted into the midstrand and ends, it's just even much softer and more subtle. The balayage is at an all-time high within the beauty industry and if you haven't tried it- you might want to. Balayage is a hair painting technique that stylists master in making your highlights and lowlights more natural, sunkissed looking and the upkeep isn't as tremendous as your typical foil highlight! It also creates a seamless, no line of demarcation. It's blended so well and there are no lines. The balaymelt comes in when the natural looking highlights blend with a new base to freshen it up and a gloss and toner is applied after. 


Why is glossing and toning important?


A gloss/glaze/toner (all essentially the same thing) isn't applied to just 'tone' the hair and color correct. It provides a very seamless look, and blends everything as whole and it simply comes out beautiful and looks effortless. I gloss 9 times out of 10. The only time I do not gloss and tone, is if the hair turns out IMPECCABLY white- which isn't usually the case these days ; ). 


Here is a great example of a balaymelt I did on my beautiful client, Shelby:



A before, during, and after. 


It typically takes nearly 3- 1/2 hours to complete, but it is well worth it when you don't have to come back every 6 weeks. It's typically a 12-16 week turn around... some can even go longer, depending on base color and how quickly or slowly their hair grows- it's amazing! 


Shelby had a great dirty blonde, natural base to work with, so all I had to do was lighten during the balayage process, break through foil lines she previously had, then I glossed with a sandy/beige blonde tone, melted it all together... and here you have it. So pretty. The best part is the that the growing out process is simple and easy. 


Interested in a balayage/balaymelt? Email me via the contact form, or hit the BOOK button at the top menu and reserve your appointment. You won't be disappointed! : )




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