Simple trick to a smaller waist!

June 28, 2016



I think that I can speak for almost every woman when we are shopping for clothes and the first thought that runs through the mind is: 'How do I make my waist smaller?!' 


If you're not one of those ladies, you have it made. But we can all have it made with a very simple trick. And, if you're ANYTHING like me, I absolutely hate working out (I should do it for health, but...) and the last thing I want someone to say to me is, 'Just work out.' I literally laughed when I typed that, no joke. While I do believe we should all find some sort of exercise to do for our own health, I don't think it's completely necessary to work our butts off to fight certain genetics. 


For some reason or another, I tend to carry weight in my stomach. That's where it alllll goes. I'm not too proud of it, although, I am also not willing to do a million crunches every day or to do that for the rest of my life to maintain the flattest tummy. It's not the way I am wired, and for me to admit that, I feel good. If you are in the same boat, you should feel good too : ). In my opinion, it is far more important to accept ourselves first and then if there's anything we have control over and the desire to change- THEN head in that direction, otherwise.. we are all just perfect. Really. 


Anyway... back to cinching that waist. I naturally have an hourglass shape, but I carry my weight in the lower half of my tummy, and I do have those 'love handles', believe it or not. I used to be very self conscious when I would try on a form fitting top or dress and it would look like everything had spilled all over the place. I would immediately go into a rush of trying to find something cute enough but baggy because I became overwhelmed. 


As a wardrobe stylist, it is my duty to make sure you are aware of denim jacket. About four years ago I was anti- denim on my top half any day of the week. I believe I linked it to being out of date and not trendy- when in fact, the denim jacket is one piece that will never age. Its an investment (those are always my magic words) to find one that hugs you JUST RIGHT, but when cared for properly.. it becomes a classic that will last you a lifetime. 


The denim jacket is what pulls it altogether. Although it's currently summer, you can sport it on a cooler summer evening/night and if you're brave enough, you can roll back the sleeves to wear during the day. It never fails. You can virtually wear anything with a denim jacket. Maxi dress, Shift dress, Chiffon tops, Crop tops tees, slim and sleek dresses... anything. That's the beauty of it. In my case, where I want to wear a tighter top or dress, wearing a denim jack automatically takes eyes off of my stomach (where all the weight is) and draws attention to the entire look as a whole. This way, people don't zoom in on what I call my 'trouble area', haha ; ). 


I suggest investing in a good denim jacket, it's a lifesaver for not only cinching the waist, but pulling an outfit together on a whim. As I said, it NEVER fails. 


There is a rule of thumb though- denim on denim isn't the greatest look. However, if you're compelled to do this, make sure the jacket and jeans are both different shades. With the jacket and jeans being the same shade, it dates you, and that is one cause for fashion disaster. It's too coordinated and doesn't do anything for anyone. 


Also, I may get questions about wearing belts which most people believe make a waist look smaller, when in reality, it may- it usually does not. Unlike the denim jacket, a belt creates a barrier between you AND the outfit. Therefore- eyes only look directly at your mid-section and not on you as whole.


There are different styles of denim jackets that for everyone when it comes to body type. A few of my favorites are the KUT from the Kloth (lower price point) around $89-100, Adriano Goldschmied (AG) $200-250 AG denim is super flexible, comfortable, and it hugs to your body well, Hudson which is another favorite- love the pocket details on their jackets $185-200.


Of course you can typically find these amazing pieces on their website or you can also shop Evereve, Nordstrom, or Von Maur for them as well.


Here I am wearing the classic light denim KUT jacket.




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