Great heels, great steals.

May 25, 2016

Everyone always asks the age-old question, why? 


Why would you EVER purchase a pair of shoes for $79? Even more so, a pair that is $149?


It's okay if you're not someone who is into shoes, but I will tell you that it is a proven fact that people subconsciously look at your shoes before any other part of you or your outfit when they see you. Most don't realize this, and to some it's not a 'big deal', but this is our subconscious talking and if we really did pay attention to that... I think most of us would agree that it is indeed what we first notice (for most of us.)


And shoes MAKE the outfit. (Hence why, people look there first.)


Having a pricier pair doesn't necessarily mean they are indeed better. As a matter of fact, I have plenty of shoes (I collect A LOT) that are under $15. 


But when it comes to heels, the game changes a little bit. I love heels, they make me feel super confident. Never mind the fact that I am so petite, but it makes me walk better and in general... I do better work and smile more. It sounds trite, but it's true. It's almost like what my boyfriend's dad has said, 'When I clean my truck, it works better'. Similar concept. It just feels GOOD. Most women understand the pain of trying to wear heels for longer than two hours at time and we want to weep, or we wish we brought a pair of flats for just in case. 


That's when a good pair of heels is where it's at. Now, they do say that you shouldn't stand/walk in heels for longer than 4 hours maximum at a time, just for general health purposes, but I've tested that theory since I was 18 (standing all day doing hair and makeup) and I'm doing great (lol)- everyone's tolerance is different though. 


There is no doubt that you can tell a better pair of heels vs a cheaper pair apart from one another. Aside from the look, it's the comfort we are talking about here. I am going to share with you a few of my favorite designers/brands and HOW you can purchase them cheaper than hundreds of dollars. 


I love to splurge every once in awhile just like I do when I get a new handbag and pay full price for a pair of heels when I feel like I've earned it (and trust me, we all do! If you work hard, you deserve that cake!)



From the top left:


Vince Camuto - Most of his collection have super cute details such as a zipper on the back of this pair. He is probably the highest price point in my favorites. I could wear those for hours and hours and hardly feel a thing! His average heel is near $129- but I scored this pair at Nordstrom Rack in Chicago last year for $49! Complete steal.


Dolce Vita - These ankle strap heels are fire. Perfect to dress up with elegance OR edge and can be worn most of the day. There is alot of 'padding' in a pair of Dolce's, from what I have noticed in each pair I've owned. I bought these at Von Maur marked down for $22 .... Seriously you can't beat that. Von Maur has really amazing shoe sales each week and if you keep a good eye on them, you can always get what you want and the price just keeps getting lower. Amazing.


Michael Kors - My sweetie got me these as a gift! Not only does he have good taste in detail but he bought a comfortable heel! Within the entire world of heels, a wedge is the most comfortable and can be worn literally all day without pain. I am not entirely sure how much these were since they were a gift ... (I just looked SHHH) It looks like they are retail price $145, but they can be found for $100 at the current time. Love these!



Nine West - The best thing about Nine West is that every collection they have is timeless and classic. They are always colorful which I love and the average price point for these are only about $89! 


The only other favorite line of heels that isn't pictured here that I can never get enough of is Jessica Simpson. Her line is incredible with an average price point of $79. She has a wide variety of sexy, cute, and edgy heels for anyone. I remember wearing her black peep toe pumps for nearly 4 years all day at work atleast three times a week and they held up well and never hurt! Her line is incredible. 


Next time you are unsure if you want to splurge on a great pair of heels, think about it as an investment- because they truly do wear well and for a very long time. 


Trust me when I say that you will see and feel a huge difference in these amazing lines- it sure beats sore feet AND you look hot! Who doesn't like that combo!?


It is every woman's right to look her best and feel her best. (Do it in style!) <3




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