What's your style story?

May 14, 2016

There are two things I cannot live without: Coffee & Fashion. And perhaps lipstick... but I will save that for another time ;).


At night when everything starts to wind down, my mind starts racing again. It's not exactly the best thing to happen because then I can't sleep, but I try to view it as a good thing because my mind is racing about CLOTHES! I will literally piece outfits together in my head and get happy instantly. (It's a blessing and a curse at the same time). 


Every night I look forward to coffee in the morning and putting on a new outfit. It can be brand new or a few pieces I've had for awhile now and I find something else that works with all of them... it's so much fun! You can never be too old to play dress up and I firmly believe that as an adult, it's even more fun. 


I knew that yesterday was going to be a fabulous day because let's be honest... minus the amazing weather: what we wear makes a HUGE impact on us physically and most importantly emotionally. That's one of reasons why fashion speaks to me so greatly. 


If anyone struggles with finding your 'niche' or what I call 'style story', you know that it can be weight-bearing. Sometimes fashion doesn't come as easy as it does for others. For whatever reason, I walked out of the womb in dresses and heels... haha. And that's definitely where I come in! I thoroughly enjoy giving others tips and tricks of the fashion trade. That's exactly why I do it for a living- hair, makeup, clothes! There is nothing better to me.


There are a few different style groups:


Casual- an informal type of style that incorporates basic pieces, that can be described as comfortable, cool, dark based tones in color. 


Edgy/Boho chic- this falls under a semi-casual classification, but has a bit of a different feel to it. Edgy gives off a punk vibe while still being casual and cool. Some of those with the edgy style really like pieces found in boutiques, where you wouldn't find in a typical department store. 


Sophisticated- dresses, heels, ballet flats, are all examples of sophisticated style. It's a little more on the glamorous side that can be played up or down depending on shoe choice, and those under this category usually like to pair accessories such as scarves, hats, and jewelry with plenty of color pops.


Preppy- some confused preppy with sophisticated. Preppy style is typically semi-formal with neutral, pastel, and earth toned colors. Collared shirts and capri bottoms, or a skirt is an example of the prep. This look it typically what you would see in an office setting. 


I fall under the sophisticated category, but following close behind would be causal on the occasion when I don't feel like dressing up or the situation calls for it. I tend to like all of it because, yep, I'm a woman of fashion... but sophistication comes the most natural to me. (I'd like to think I get it from my great-grandmother). 


Interested in learning more about finding your style story? Drop me an email and we can discuss options- I would be more than happy to take you on an experience in styling you, that you will love!



Shop my look!


Dress- by Monteau found at TJ Maxx


Flats- Forever 21


Watch- Kate Spade


Fashion scarf- Jones New York


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