What are handtied hair extensions?

Natural Beaded Rows aka 'NBR' is a hand-tied hair extension method. It consists of 1-3 rows that are beaded into the hair using minimal points of contact where the hair is hand-tied onto each row lying flat to the head making it difficult to tell that you are even wearing them. With minimal points of contact, this means virtually zero damage to the hair and there is absolutely NO tape, adhesives or glue involved. Every piece of hair is custom colored to match and blend your hair perfectly. This method was designed for anyone who has fine, thin hair, wants to grow their own hair without a wait period, looking for fullness and length. ONLY the most premium, highest quality of extension hair is used for NBR resulting in longer lasting hair with maximum use. 

SKW Extensions the original and hidden beaded row work in the same fashion, using two different styles of installation. 

I am certified in both methods and I choose to use the method that will work best for each client's hair type.

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